Thursday, October 23, 2008

fire on campus...

this past weekend there was a serious fire in one of the residences on campus. fortunately, no one was severely injured but there are now 600 students who are homeless and stressed. this is already a stressful time as essays and midterms fill most student's schedules so being displaced and not having access to their things is taking its toll. the university is slowly getting people relocated into hotels in the city and students are reaching out to one another but we could use a whole lot of prayer for this situation on campus.
please pray specifically for the KCF students who live in Brandon Hall (MAC VCF did not have any students directly related to the fire) who themselves are now displaced and stressed. pray that they will become settled in their new homes and that this will provide an opportunity for them to share the gospel with their fellow residence friends.

if you are interested in helping provide more concrete support, please contact me and i can get you connected.

Friday, September 19, 2008

september update.

even though it is only the second week of classes, campus life is in full swing. students are starting to feel the weight of their work load while tests and assignment deadlines are quickly approaching. it feels like Inter-Varsity is in full swing as well.

after a few welcoming events over the first few weeks, MAC VCF Bible studies started up this week with about 40 students spread over 5 different groups through the week. i am very impressed with our student leaders and their excitement for their groups this year. last year was such a growthful year for small groups, i think many are anticipating that God can do even bigger things this year.

MAC KCF has also started off its year strong with a bunch of events welcoming new students and sharing the vision for the year. i have been really encouraged this week about how the partnership with these students has been developing. i was so encouraged to go to the first large group of the year last night to see a bunch of familiar faces and meet new students who are checking out the group. the student leaders showed off their dance skills, led icebreaker games, and extended hospitality. i almost won KCF BINGO but unfortunately couldn't find anyone wearing pick boxers to complete my line. maybe next year...

as we sang during worship, i was overwhelmed to remember how God was at work in bringing the MAC KCF and MAC VCF communities together through Inter-Varsity. the students on both sides have shown us as staff a lot of grace as we figure out what this new relationship looks like. we are constantly wanting to provide more to students who want more and our limitations as staff become very clear.
Melody and i are currently dividing our time between KCF & VCF but i can't help but think about what could happen if we could offer a full-time staff to invest in the KCF community. we could really use some prayers that God will raise up an intern or staff out of this community to be a worker in the harvest that is happening there.

Monday, September 01, 2008

on your mark, get set...

wednesday will mark the big kick off for yet another year of ministry at McMaster. all day wednesday is clubsfest, a day of plugging away at meeting new students, introducing our community and some of the things we do, hoping to see many of those faces return to us at large group, small group or our residence event. my hope even more, however, is that those faces turn into our new friends and members of our community that we can get to know more deeply and can witness their lives change as they engage their faith and follow Jesus during their time at university. it can sounds so cliche and cheesy, but it really is true.
tomorrow morning intervaristy staff and students are meeting to pray. this year i feel bold enough to ask for new students to join us, even though i don't feel prepared to actually know what to do with them when they come. i want to ask for the Holy Spirit to work powerfully but i am afraid that i won't have the energy to keep up.
if you are a praying person, please join us tomorrow morning in meeting with God for His input and sustainability for what lies ahead for our campus.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

we're making the papers...

i'm very overdue for an update so i'm going to take the easy route and redirect you to something someone else has written recently about the ministry at McMaster.
first, check out and you will see a wonderful article about the transition that has been happening at MAC (entitled "from hanging out to reaching out.")
then you can check out and read the exact same article (under the "latest news" feed, entitled canada: from hanging out to reaching out").
yes, it is exciting to share that stories of McMaster have gone global and are being shared on the website of the International Federation of Evangelical Students, an international organization that ministers to students.
while you are there, please check out other stories about the amazing things God is doing worldwide through students.

Monday, June 02, 2008

newsletter leftovers...

the students who came to city/script this year had so many good things to say that i couldn't fit all their comments into one newsletter so i thought i would put some of the extra thoughts here for people to read. i hope you enjoy them.

This year was my third time studying Mark I. You'd think I would've known everything there was to know about it, but I definitely did not. What really stuck out to me was how the new and old interact. This was evident during our time in the city as well as in the text. I really enjoyed how Jesus changed things, but often out of the faith of others involved in the change. It was also important for me to see how Jesus began to include the Gentile community, those outside of the law, in the blessings that were being offered. ~ Danny

During this week God held up a mirror so that I could see my real self. It scared me, but God spoke in the most merciful way possible to me. I was give courage to not only change how I think, but also to face whatever He will ask me to do and trust that He will give me the strength to go through it as well.
The most important thing I got out of this week is that it's ok to be scared, but when you are don't choose to run away and allow fear to win, but instead turn to God and ask for His strength to overcome it. ~ Dorothea

The first thing that stuck out to me reading the first half of Mark was how Jesus always responded to people's needs. He was dedicated to his purpose of preaching and teaching, but when people desired healing from him he never turned them away--his response was always one of compassion, and he always gave those who sought him out even more than they came for. In the same way, with the feeding of the 5000 and the 4000, Jesus modeled to his disciples and tried to get them to understand that compassion and meeting people's needs is an integral part of their ministry (and ours). ~ Bethany

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